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BIG Summer Camp 2022
Aug 28

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This event is intended for attendees at Big Summer Camp 2022.

Clear off those Big Summer hangovers with a Sunday trip to Brighton. A quick 1 mile walk to Angmering to catch the the train  A return ticket will cost £9.30 (or £6.10 with a Railcard such as Network Railcard).

In Brighton we can take a walk along the seafront, visit the oldest electric railway in the world or just spend a day wandering the lanes and sights of Brighton. 

Volk's Electric Railway (

We can use the Big Summer Telegram chat to meet up at the great bars that Brighton has to offer.

We will leave in two groups - One at 10:30 and a second group at 11:30 for the late sleepers :)


Photo by Rhys Kentish on Unsplash

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