Bristol Indoor Bouldering Evening - Post Pride Special all abilities welcome! 18/7/19

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Indoor Bouldering
Jul 18

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The Climbing Academy is one of the best bouldering centres in the South West. With over 200 problems in a 750 square metre area there is enough to keep even the avid of boulderers occupied.

Bouldering is a form of climbing where instead of long high routes, the 'problems' as they are referred to tend to be shorter and focus on technique, balance, body positioning and sometimes power. Because of this different emphasis, bouldering doesn't have the hassle of climbing with ropes, harnesses and belaying, which makes the activities excellent for newcomers to the sport. For this reason, it is often regarded as the 'purest' form of climbing.

If you're a seasoned climber you won't need convincing about the benefits of bouldering, but for those who've never climbed more than a staircase, the benefits are wide ranging: from the physical - improved strength, tone, balance, power and coordination; mental - problem solving, focus, concentration and body awareness; to the emotional - relaxation, a sense of achievement and a feeling that mind and body are working together perfectly ('feeling psyched'). On top of all this, bouldering tends to be a very social sport where you can hang out with mates and each have a go as you feel regardless of what level you climb at.

This event is for members of all levels of experience and all are welcome to come along to any of the sessions.

To come along, you will need to register via the event page, and to climb you will need to pay an entry fee directly to the centre when you arrive. For entry fee prices go to:

For your first time climbing with us, especially if you are a novice climber, please contact the event leader in advance to let him know what your skills and experience are.

It is important that all members sign up through the event page to make sure the event leader has all information of the members attending.

Please note that sometimes there are not many people signed up on this event list. However we climb on a regular basis with a group of local Bristol gay guys so there are likely to be a group of us there even if not many are signed up.


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