Brighton Ten Pin Challenge 2022

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Nov 02

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The **BLAGSS ten pin challenge is an annual Tenpin Bowling Tournament between different LGBT groups. It is more about an evening of fun than a serious competition, though there is an awards ceremony and for the last four years Outdoor Lads have finished in the top 3, Winning the tournament in 2019 and 2020.

2018 - Outdoor Lads 2nd 🥈 Place

2019 - Outdoor Lads 1st 🥇 place

2020 - Outdoor Lads 1st 🥇 Place

2021 - Outdoor Lads 3rd 🥉 Place



Everyone is welcome regardless of bowling ability and I’ve put on a practice session on 13th Oct 2022 please sign up here if you can.

13th Oct 2022…

Once again, BLAGSS will take over the entire Hollywood Bowl Venue at Brighton Marina. This time on the evening of Tuesday 1st November 2022

Last year’s Challenge was a huge success, attracting over 200 bowlers from different Brighton & Hove LGBT community groups.

**BLAGGS - Brighton’s LGBT Sports Society.

All photos taken by Cassidyi with permission for use

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