Brighton Area Social: Ghost Walk - April 2018

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I am very pleased to be given the privilege of guest leading the Brighton Social for April this is a monthly event run by Patrick please be sure to look out for the May Brighton Social to be published shortly.

This month for the social we are going to attend the BRIGHTON GHOST WALK OF THE LANES - You will need to bring £8 in cash for this.

Meet us in The Druid’s Head at 7pm for the ghost walk of the lanes which leaves from outside the pub at 7.30pm the Druid’s Head is described as  an unpretentious 16th-century inn with comfy sofas and period fittings, with simple grub and real ales.

Social events provide a support network for local members. They are an ideal way for existing members to catch up with each other and find out more about upcoming events.


Join actor and master storyteller Rob Marks as the eccentric Silas the Ghost Walker, or his fellow ghost walkers Jasper and Ebenezer, for a 70 minute walk around Brighton’s famous Lanes visiting eight haunted sites. 

This small area, with its narrow pages and tightly packed buildings, was once the original fishing settlement of Brighthelmstone – it is the oldest part of the city and, unquestionably, the most haunted. 

Alongside the spine-tingling tales the walk takes in much of the area’s rich and varied history. The walk includes eight macabre tales of brutal murders, hideous apparitions, boisterous poltergeists, wandering nuns and Brighton’s infamous Jack-the-Ripper connection.

Silas, Jasper and Ebenezer all perform in full Victorian attire, complete with Gladstone bag, containing a few surprises!


Brighton Old Town Hall

Brighton Town Hall dates from 1830, built in a neo-classical style with imposing fluted columns. The town’s constabulary was once housed in its basement. It is there, in the area of the old police cells, that a brutal murder once took place. No wonder a dark and brooding presence has been seen to materialise there.

The Old Steine

​The Old Steine was once an area of common land used by the fishing folk of Brighton. It is also an area where is said to linger the city’s more horrific apparition; the mutilated form of the one-time adventurer and soldier of fortune, John Robinson.

Dr. Brighton’s Public House

​This seafront building was once the Star and Garter Hotel and dates from 1750. Why is it that customers frequently have the unnerving feeling of being watched? Moreover, what sordid goings on happened in one of the upper rooms and in the old cellars?

Northern Lights Public House

​​Psychic investigators have experienced much paranormal energy emanating from this ancient building, particularly in the upper room around the old fireplace. Lumbering footsteps and a vision of a young girl hiding in the cellar have been experienced there. A tot of their house speciality, ‘Fisherman’s Friend’, at £1 a shot, might help to steady your nerves!

Black Lion Lane

​​​Many ladies claim to feel an amorous presence whilst passing through this dark and narrow little lane. Some have even felt a fleeting spectral peck on the cheek!

Meeting House Lane

​​​​Enter Brighton’s most famous lane and you may suddenly feel overcome with sadness. Pass by the bricked up doorway and you could feel an unearthly chill pass through you. What awful tragedy is said cause this unnerving sensation?

The Cricketers Public House

​​​​​The Cricketers is a friendly and welcoming pub. The original part of its structure dates from as early as 1547, but beneath this convivial veneer, darker forces are at work there. Why does its ghostly resident seem only to appear to the women folk who enter the bar?

The Druid’s Head Public House

​This is thought to be Brighton’s oldest tavern, dating from as early as 1510. There have been over one hundred accounts of paranormal activity reported there and, moreover, poltergeist activity! Could this be anything to do with an area of Druidic sacrifice on which the building stands?


The Ghost walk will last around 70mins we will then return to The Druids Head Public House for another few drinks and food should you wish.


Organiser availability permitting, the Brighton Social is usually on the second or third Wednesday in the month (depending upon leader availability and other nearby events). There are social events taking place in many of our major cities from time to time.


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