Brighton Alternative Panto: Somewhere over the bushes

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Mar 13

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Join Ian for a fun-filled evening at Brighton's ever-popular alternative panto, Somewhere over the bushes

In Pantoland they all seem to live happily ever after… well some do. But for others, that may not be an option unless they get a little help. Sarah the cook, Widow Twanky, Cinderella’s stepsisters and the Wicked Queen need that help and so fairy Dil steps in. Well, she tries but hasn’t reckoned on the witch from Oz putting in an appearance… her only purpose is to stop ANYONE being happy! Along the way we meet The Man, Jack, the Village People, a few Bears, the occasional monkey, Dorothy and many of her friends! Will they find happiness or will they find a few surprises as they go SOMEWHERE… OVER THE BUSHES.

You will need book your own ticket please do so before you register for this event

Tickets are £25.50 including a £2.50 booking fee.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send me a message.

Why not make a night of it? There’s a YHA right on the same street!


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