Birmingham Autumn Social

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Oct 21

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Social drinks and food

Come join us for a fun and enjoyable evening, and a catch up with friends new and old. 

Socials are great events for both new and existing members. If you are in any way uncertain about joining OutdoorLads, are concerned about fitness/ability, or whether OutdoorLads is for you, then do come along. Give us a go, have a drink with us and see why members have made friends through OutdoorLads. It is also a great opportunity to chat about upcoming events. These events are always friendly and enjoyed by all. 

We will be initially meeting at the pub from 6pm onwards before leaving at 7.45pm and walking to a restaurant for Korean/Asian food and a laugh! 

For those who wish to go for further drinks afterwards we will move onto another pub after the meal. 

If you have any questions, please send me a message. 

If this is your first event, please feel free to message me or refer to first event page My First Event | OutdoorLads


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