Beat the end of Summer blues with the Boulevard Summer show

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Sep 10

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Let's see out the summer with The Summer Show at Boulevard with Miss Rory (before the Halloween and Christmas shows arrive).

We will meeting at The Blonde Barrel for a pre show drink or two at around 8pm and going on to see the 9:30pm show.  After the show there will be the opportunity to head to more bars for those who would like to continue the party.

I will be buying a standing ticket for the show. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join us ??????

Haven't planned to go for food but there are various take-aways available (where you could pick up a Large Donner Kebab and garlic sauce at any point in the evening, I will carry some mints though haha) 

Details are below to book yourself a ticket for Boulevards. Any questions etc. please send a message to my mobile: 07989 474 026

The link below will take you straight to the 9:30pm Saturday show, I have done must of it for you (just double check it's the correct date (10th Sept) and time please and use your own bank card sorry like ? ?) 

Boulevard - Standing Ticket


Photo credits : All the photographs have been taken by the leader Dave TG and permission has been granted for their use by OutdoorLads.

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