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Congratulations to Colin Day who successfully answered yesterday's National Map Reading Week Question. The highest point in the UK is Ben Nevis (grid reference NN 166 712).

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Only two chances left to enter our National Map Reading Week daily competition. Congratulations to Andrew Stoddart who correctly identified an orange line made up of short dashes to be a permissive footpath (a footpath, typically across private land, whose use is allowed by the landowner).

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Well done Ian Wallis for correctly deducing how open access land appears on an OS Explorer map!

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All this week we're celebrating Ordnance Survey's National Map Reading Week and you can win a £10 OutdoorLads voucher EVERY DAY!

Congratulations to Stephen Clifford who correctly answered yesterday's question - the answer was 4cm on an OS Explorer (1:25 000) map represents 1km.

The question's are getting tougher now but if you needed a little help you'll find all answers to this week's questions in the resources at

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