My First Hostel Event (continued)

These days, almost everyone has a mobile phone and almost every mobile phone seems to need charging daily. The hostel rooms usually have a plug or two in them, but the number can be limited depending on the age of the building. As phones all seem to need to be charged at the same time it is wise to bring a two or three way adapter to allow you to charge your phone but leave a socket or two free for someone else. It also guarantees that you can charge your phone whenever you want.


In general, the money you pay for a weekend hostel event includes Saturday and Sunday breakfasts and also Saturday’s evening meal. The meals are listed below so that you know what to expect for each of them.

Friday Evening Buffet

For Friday evening you are usually asked to bring some food for a communal buffet. This is usually prepared for around 20:00 which is why if you are going to arrive late the leader will give you instructions about what to do about this meal.

Bring enough food for between 1 and 1.5 people as it’s always better to have a little too much. You can choose to bring anything you want; soup, pizza, salads, sausages, cakes, desserts, literally anything. Some people go to some length to make home made items; others just pop into the supermarket and pick things up. Given the number of people attending the event, we hope that the food balances out somewhat between sweet and savoury. After you’ve arrived at the hostel and chosen your bed, the next thing to do is drop your buffet food off in the hostel kitchen.

The hostel has no staff so the leader usually gets volunteers to prepare the buffet food and deliver it to the dining area.


Breakfasts on Saturday and Sunday are also included in the event price. They are usually cereal with toast and jam affairs but depending on how creative the hostel leader has been with the budget they can sometimes stretch to bacon butties or even a full cooked breakfast on one of the days. Again, help will be asked to prepare cooked breakfasts.

Saturday Evening Meal

The Saturday evening meal is provided by the leader and included in your event price. If you have special dietary requirements, please make sure that these are entered in your Next of Kin data on the website, as this is what is given to the leader and helps him plan the food. A surprise vegan, discovered on Saturday evening, can cause a bit of panic in the kitchen so please make sure that you enter this. To be really helpful to the leader, you could message him before the event if you have special requirements as the Next of Kin data is released to them only a couple of days before the event starts and this is quite late to start planning the meals.

Although the leader has a budget for the meal there is no-one else to prepare it, so they will ask for volunteers in the kitchen. You don’t have to be a cordon blue cook to help; there are lots of tasks to be done and all help is very welcome.

All our hostel leaders have completed Food Preparation and Hygiene courses, but they haven’t gone to culinary school. They will also be preparing food in often basic kitchens and for a lot of people, so although the food should be good, plentiful and hearty, don’t expect very fancy food. However, you certainly shouldn’t go hungry.


Lunches on Saturday and Sunday are not included in the hostel price. You are usually expected to bring packed lunches with you for these meals. Space is normally reserved in the fridge to accommodate them. Most of the events held on hostel weekends are out of town, so it is better not to rely on the availability of a nearby shop once you are at the hostel, so bring your lunches with you when you arrive at the hostel on Friday evening.


During Saturday and often Sunday there will be activities planned. The event page will identify what these are and they usually consist of day walks and these are a great way to find out what a different part of the country feels like. We also hold cycling hostels and also more specialist activity hostels such as climbing, abseiling or caving. The event page will make it clear what the day activities for an event will be.

Don’t forget to take the required equipment for the type of activity to be held on the hostel.

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