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Lockdown Volunteering Oppurtunities

Volunteering with OutdoorLads

Did you know you don’t just have to be a leader to volunteer with Outdoorlads?

We have a range of opportunities that you can get involved with to support us a charity. These are not full-time commitments and can be worked around any existing work or personal commitments you might have, even 1 hour a week can help enormously!

With some members on furlough, and others bored at home during lockdown we have had several offers of help, and wanted to set out what tasks we have that we'd like help with so that others could also get involved.

If you would you like to enquiire further about any of the opportunities listed, please contact support@outdoorlads. We will contact you to discuss the role and get a better understanding of what you would be interesting in doing.

Here's what we need further help with: 


Database Image Archiving

OutdoorLads has a large database of images which our leaders have access to when we create events. We are looking for an individual with experience in archiving or database management who can organise our image library and create a easy to use framework for the future. 


Media/Image Creation

We are looking to update our range of ‘stock’ images, logo’s and videos. This volunteering opportunity would be perfect for someone who has experience is digital media editing, use of Photoshop or equivalent, graphic design or branding.


Leader Handbooks

We are doing a spring clean of our leader handbooks and are seeking volunteers to help update them. If you have any ideas about best-practice, top tips, useful information or even cooking recipes we would love to hear them.


Risk Assessments

We want to re-so our activity-based risk assessments and are looking for volunteers to help update and compile these into an up to date risk register for the organisation.