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May 02

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15-20 mile bike ride

leisurely social bike ride starting off by watching the Tour de Yorkshire go past and followed by a tasty afternoon tea.

Stage 3 of the Men's Race and Stage 2 of the Women's Race of the annual Tour de Yorkshire races through Millhouse Green on the morning of 02 May 2020.  Millhouse Green is easy to get to and a good starting point for a leisurely cycle in the Peaks.  There is a pub we can enjoy a pint at as it goes past.

Timings of the race have not been released but should be fairly early in the day.  Timings will follow as soon as I know them.

Once the race has past, we will jump on our bikes and head down the Trans Pennine Trail towards Dunford Bridge.  We will then climb a couple of hills (can't be avoided but don't be scared) to The Oil Can Cafe for afternoon tea (approx £14), yes they do a vegetarian version.

Once we have had our fill, we will either head straight back over the hills back to our starting point or if the weather fine, pop briefly into Holmfirth.

The cycle ride is 30km and will be roughly a couple of hours cycling (not including lunch).  This event is open to cyclists of all abilities and bike types.  The route can be viewed here.

Road cyclists: Please be aware some paths might be a little rough and bumpy for thin tyres, but doable none the less.
Mountain bikers: 50% of the ride will be on roads.  The route is non technical and mountain bikes are a tad overkill but excellent if that is you bike of choice.

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