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COVID-19: Get Out More Roadmap!

The below is an overview on the current situation for OutdoorLads events in relation to the coronavirus pandemic. 

For our previously issued statements, please visit our Archive Page.

Update 3 June 2021

We are currently able to run events again across the UK. There are some restrictions in place still - as we've come to expect.

Outdoors events are restricted to a maximum of thirty people - our usual number is twenty in any case. Indoor climbing is possible again where the climbing centres allow and following their guidance and rules. For now, indoor climbing is restricted to experienced members only, as assisting beginners involves too much close contact.

Camping events in groups of up to thirty are again possible, again following the venue's procedures in place. No indoor social events are yet able to take place. 

We are hoping that restrictions are lifted on 21st June as planned. That will allow us to run some of our larger events, including hostels. We're working to the assumption that restrictions will be lifted, but there is a possibility there may be a delay to this date and in that instance we will of course act accordingly. As before, we will seek to roll events over to a new date and / or offer a full refund to any affected members. 

Members should continue to follow guidance including regular hand washing, social distancing, and not attending events if they or someone they live with displays coronavirus symptoms, or if asked to isolate by Track and Trace. We also strongly encourage all members to make use of the free lateral flow tests available from the NHS and to take a test immediately prior to attending an event. See here to order a testing kit:

Further relevant advice is provided to members on every event page. 

We will update this information between the 14 and 21 June when we should know if restrictions are to be eased as planned on that date. 

Thank you to all for continuing to do your bit to help keep us all safe and for bearing with us through this difficult period. 



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