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Event title: Alton Towers Weekend (Staffordshire)
Event Ref. No. 5231
When: 28.09.2012 | 17:00:00 - 30.09.2012 | 16:00:00
Where: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire - (full information shown once you login/join)
Category: Weekend - Hostel/Barn
Registration closes: Wed 26th Sep 5:00pm
Event Availability: 16 attended and there were 0 No-shows.
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Alton Towers Weekend

Oakamoor - Staffordshire
28 to 30 September 2012


Join OutdoorLads at the UK's premier theme park, with its world famous rides and attractions offering a weekend of thrills and spills for all, including brand new attraction Nemesis: What Lies Beneath.

This will be a great weekend event with a difference. Instead of climbing, caving or scaling mountains, we'll be heading for the white-knuckle rides of Alton Towers. With our accommodation just a 3 mile walk from the park entrance this is sure to be a fantastic weekend away.

Please note that the cost of the event doesn't include entry to the park, but there are lots of retailers and internet offers with two-for-one deals on admission.



The estate that was to become Alton Towers was owned by the Talbot family from the 15th century. The house on the estate once known as Alveton Lodge was originally the home of the estate bailiff. In about 1812-1814 the 15th Earl began the creation of extensive gardens and in 1831 the estate became the principal residence of the 16th Earl who completed the gardens and extended and improved the mansion which he renamed Alton Towers. The estate was sold after the death of the 20th Earl in 1921 to a private company who opened the park to the public as leisure grounds. The house was requisitioned during World War II and the gardens were closed until 1951, by which time the neglected house had begun to deteriorate. The estate was opened as a theme park in 1980.
Rides have come and gone, including the classic, Corkscrew, but Alton Towers continues to deliver ground-breaking rides and attractions in, what many consider, a challenging setting, as the park is forbidden from development that goes above the tree-line.
Amongst the typical log-flume, rapids and mine-train rides, Alton Towers boasts the following iconic rides:
Nemesis - an inverted coaster with a monster theme.
Nemesis: What Lies Beneath - a top secret new attraction for 2012.
Oblivion - the world's first vertical drop coaster is 14 years old this year.
Th13teen - the world's first free-fall vertical drop coaster.
Air - a flying coaster giving the sensation that you are flying through the air.
Ripsaw - a top-spin ride with the added thrill of water.
Rita Queen Of Speed - an accelerator coaster propelling you from 0 to 100kmph in 2.2 seconds.
Duel: The Haunted House Strikes Back - an interactive ghost shooting ride.
Hex - more of an experience than a ride, the end result of which leaves you feeling pretty weird.


Rita: Queen of Speed


Friday night: Buffet tea, welcome meeting and a possible evening activity.
Saturday daytime: We'll all head to Alton Towers as a group. Please note the entrance fee is not included in the price of this event. We'll most likely break up into smaller groups and reconvene for lunch before heading back to the hostel at your leisure.
Saturday night: We'll most likely head out for dinner as a group at a local pub, or you can cook and eat at the hostel if you prefer.
Sunday daytime: You are either free to go home or join in a short leisurely walk. If anyone wants to head to Alton Towers Water Park instead, they can do.


Friday night: Please bring at least one item for the buffet. There's no need to go overboard, this should be something that can be shared by a couple of people.

Saturday breakfast:
Included in the event cost.
Saturday lunch: You can either bring a packed lunch or eat in the park.
Saturday dinner: Not included in the event price - we'll head out to dinner at a local pub, or you can cook for yourself at the hostel.

Sunday breakfast:
Included in the event cost.

Tea & coffee:
Included throughout the weekend.
Other drinks: Please bring your own.
In addition to the food items mentioned to the left you should wear comfortable clothes suitable for walking around Alton Towers.

It's a good idea to bring a waterproof jacket in case it rains! You will need a towel, washing kit and clothes to wear about the hostel.

If you are unsure about anything please message the Event Leader.

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The Lesbian & Gay Foundation have teamed up with OutdoorLads to offer funding for guys who access their services to come on selected OutdoorLads events for free. Three places on this event are reserved for this scheme. To be eligible for funding you will need to complete a short questionnaire and you must already be accessing one of the LGF's services. For more information please email by clicking here.

The LGF are a health and social care charity who campaign for and support lesbian, gay and bisexual people from across the North West of England. They provide a range of services including a Helpline, Pop-In Service, Counselling, Gay and Bisexual Men’s Sexual Health Services and much more. If you’d like support, give them a call on 0845 3 30 30 30 or visit www.lgf.org.uk


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