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Hastings Social: ** brand new ** (38438)

Event Overview

Come to historic Hastings for the first-ever social in the town.

Join Will and Owen at On The Rocks, Hastings's gay-friendly bar.

Social events provide a support network for local members. They are an ideal way for existing members to catch up with each other and find out more about upcoming events.

Food & Drink

Food is usually served until 7pm but because the owner knows how special outdoorlads can be, he will serve food for any of us regardless of time.

Meeting & Times

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never been to an outdoorlads event before?

If you have never been on an event, this is great place to start.

You will find us a friendly and welcoming group, and if you look out for the leader of the event, he will introduce to other guys at the event - no need to hover at the bar trying to meet people!

There are usually leaders on hand from different disciplines, happy to chat about upcoming events.

is this a regular event?

Hopefully. Will is willing to lead regular socials in Hastings as long as guys want them.

can I bring a friend?

Yes, especially those who might be interested in what we do. We are meeting in a public venue and it would be great to introduce others to OutdoorLads. It would be a great bonus to build membership in this area.

Do I need to register?

Yes please, so we can look out for you, and it will add to your profile. If you forget to register you are still welcome to come along.

You won't get a 'black mark' for not showing up either, but please be courteous and if you have registered let Will know if you cannot attend last minute.

how will I find the group?

Look out for the leader who will have either an Outdoorlads T shirt, or a sign with our logo. A quick scan of the bar will find us - if not staff should know where we are.

If it is your first time why not message Will or Owen beforehand and make arrangements to look out for each other.

getting there

The postcode is TN34 1HA

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