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Halloween (Over) Night Shuffle in the Brecon Beacons (37225)

Event Overview

CLICK “MORE” TO SEE IMPORTANT INFORMATION. Pub dinner; night hike and wild camp (at high level if weather suitable) in challenging terrain; explore a 666 yard tunnel at night near Halloween, follow waterfalls, bathe in natural pools, explore cave entrances and the Llangattock escarpment.

UNLESS YOU ARE EXPERIENCED AND COMFORTABLE SUMMITING 800 METRE MOUNTAINS, THIS EVENT IS NOT SUITABLE FOR YOU. If you are experienced and comfortable summiting 800 metre mountains, this is the ideal opportunity for a first attempt at walking at night and walking in poor weather and carrying a heavy pack and wild camping and exploring cave entrances and bathing in natural pools (you don’t have to do everything) – we’re only going up one mountain and we’re only hiking a short distance and if the weather becomes severe, we can shelter in the tunnel.

This event is in a challenging mountain environment at night, in late Autumn, participants must be prepared to walk and sleep in cold, wet and windy conditions. If the weather is severe, the event will happen, but at lower altitude, in more sheltered areas. You will need suitable equipment and enough food and drink, PLEASE READ THE “WHAT TO BRING” AND “FOOD AND DRINK SECTIONS”.

We start with a pub dinner, please arrive at the White Hart Inn in time to order food at 18:00.

We will then depart in convoy from the White Hart at 19:00 to get to the low car park beyond Talybont reservoir at 19:15 and start walking by 19:30.

We will go up through a very steep meadow to the path of the Brecon and Merthyr Junction Railway (known locally as the Breakneck and Murder railway, owing to a tendency to have serious accidents, caused by the steep gradients to what was the highest railway tunnel in Britain). We then follow the railway route to the bent 666 yard long  Torpantau Tunnel (where we will have a snack whilst searching for the paranormal).  Another steep ascent to the summit of Craig y Fan Ddu (683) metres. If the weather is good, with no risk of lightning, we’ll sleep high up, otherwise drop to a more sheltered area. We’ll get up no later than 7:00am, then past a series of waterfalls and pools to the car park. We will then breakfast and go by car to explore the cave entrances on the Llangattock escarpment.

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What to bring

Please review the Outdoorlads kit lists for a general guide, but essential on this walk are hiking boots, waterproof cagoule and overtrousers, a LOW BRIGHTNESS head torch with adequate battery life, a spare torch, adequate warm clothing including hat and gloves, which will keep you warm at 2 degrees celcius in wind and rain, rucksack and enough food and drink. You will also need a small DISCREET tent or bivvy bag, sleeping bag which will keep you warm at 2 degrees celcius, sleeping mat, personal hygiene materials, and overnight medication. Please practice pitching your sleeping accommodation in wind and darkness, on very rough ground, before the event!

You will also need money for the pub meal and a helmet of some sort (bicycle, canoe, climbing, site hard hat etc.) for exploring the cave entrances. It is possible to go into the initial big cavern through the big entrances without getting muddy, however if you may go through one of the smaller entrances, bring clothing that you are happy to scuff and get muddy. If you’re going to bathe in the pools, bring a towel.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns.

Food & Drink

Bring money for the pub dinner and enough food and water to cover your needs for the duration of the event (from 7:00pm on Saturday until 2pm on Sunday). There is no possibility to obtain food or drink once we have left Talybont (and the only place open in Talybont will be the pub). Breakfast and lunch can be left in the cars, but snacks and an emergency food supply needs to be carried up the mountain.


Meeting & Times

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