Concession Membership

OutdoorLads is pleased to offer concession membership for under 25's, those in full-time education or those receiving an income support style benefit (JSA, Income Support, DLA/PIP). You can enjoy all the same benefits as Full Members for just £13.75 a year. Or take advantage of our Direct Debit offer and get 50% off your first annual payment. That's a whole year's membership for just £6.88!

NEW FOR JANUARY 2017 - We're pleased to be able to re-introduce our Concession Event Discount scheme that we launched last year where the OutdoorLads Foundation will give you £20 off any hostel or camping weekend! You can use this as many times as you like but please note that funds are limited and we may have to withdraw the scheme at any time.

The Concession Event Discount is suspended until further notice until our new staff team are in place.

To apply for Concession Membership you will need to email us evidence of your eligibility - please see the small print at the bottom of the Membership page.